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When acquiring a home or other real estate it is customary to pay the price from savings or to obtain a mortgage. If funds from savings are used, they become unavailable for other purposes and they would be at risk if situations arise wherein taxes cannot be paid and the property goes through a forced sale. If a mortgage is obtained, the property could be foreclosed at any time payments are not made. Fully paid or with a mortgage, value of property is continually subject to market fluctuations.


But, now, there is a better way!


1) Determine the value of property that you wish to acquire.


2) Select a Mortgage Busting Team Membership level that you can afford to acquire with discretionary funds*.

*Funds you can afford to forget about; not retirement savings or from a loan.


3) If you start below the bottom, with $50**, that’s alright – you can earn your way to your goal; however, the level you work from affects your earnings level and time it may take.

**If you cannot afford $50, a work plan for you to obtain that amount may be implemented.

Using the Mortgage Busting Team plan, funds you may use to acquire a Membership are not used to buy property and, thus, are not subject to problems that may arise related to properties.


Your MBT Membership is an asset that you may sell to others, independent of any property.


The first order of the MBT plan is to provide you full recovery of the cost of the Membership that you select.


The property will be paid through funding derived from the MBT plan.


There are five types of funding/income available to you through the MBT plan:


1) Funds paid, by customers that are direct referrals from you, for CAFÉLET coffee, CAFÉLET Tee-Shirts, CAFÉ EN ORO Poem Copy Right, MBT Memberships, property listings on Property/Project POSITIONS, Positions on other PLACES, PACKETS, PACKAGES, BUNDLES, or other items offered through BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group!


2) Funds paid by customers that are referred by Internet Catalogue Club Members registered by SAN MARCOS RANCH (a Member of the BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group), using that firm’s proprietary networking algorithm, as being Members of your network.


3) Income equal to cost of listings and of Property/Project POSITIONS for each property acquired by the BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group through the MBT plan.


4) Funds inserted into the MBT plan by the BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group, proceeding from business related to REVENUE SHARING OBLIGATION BONDS, which are backed by gold.


5) Funds provided to you through investment contracts with insurance companies, which contracts will be fully paid by the BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group.


For the MBT plan to work for you, you do not have to understand very much at all about, or even have direct involvement in, any of the income sources listed above.


But, you MUST actively engage in referring customers.


Records are kept regarding your referrals and business they do, which are used by the BUSINESS CANNONS Business Group to determine the level of income they can legitimately provide to you through funding of investment contracts they enter into with insurance companies.


In short, the MBT plan is a plan that the Business Group uses to increase its business income, and thus provides you property and income benefits according to the help you provide towards that purpose through the plan.


So, what would you rather… Use and put at risk your own funds to pay for property… Enslave yourself to a mortgage to pay for property… Or… …Engage in a business plan that can provide you property plus income?


By the way, CAFÉLET is a new trade mark of mountain grown coffee that has been produced by one family in El Salvador for over one hundred years.

For over one hundred years that family has provided many employees and business associates property and homes as a bonus for loyalty and work.


The Mortgage Busting Team concept is simply a way to open one family’s policy (of rewarding loyalty and work with property as well as income) to everyone in the world!


Tried and proven business policies can provide a solid foundation for this 21st Century!


Business proceeds instead of a burden of debt*** can be the answer to housing for billions of people – all over the world!


***Mortgage companies and banks are encouraged to continue offering loans, but to also offer

clients opportunities to take care of that debt by becoming Members of a MBT.


You are hereby cordially invited to join our Mortgage Busting Team.


To do so, send your request through the “Contact Us” section with your “Vow of Confidentiality”.