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You decide!

For some time now I have put up with slander, lies, half truths, extortion and yellow journalism. Ed Snook from the "Oregon Observer" has made it his personal mission to slander and lie about me and my efforts to assist members of a "PRIVATE MINISTRY" He tried to extort over $50,000.00 from our Ministry and when would we would not succumb to his unfounded demand the slander and half truths of his "YELLOW JOURNALIST RAG" started! This man accepts money to write his crap and sells out to the highest bidder!

Cookie Kahn, wife of Eddie Kahn, wanted the assistance of the Oregon Observer to "INVESTIGATE" the wrongful incarceration of Eddie and he only wanted $10,000.00 to take on the IRS and put them in their place like he's trying to put me in my place! Like he could do anything to the IRS? What a lie that was!

Here is an excerpt from a letter that Cookie sent to Eddie's supporters of which I am one.


----- Original Message -----

From: Kookie Kahn

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 8:38 AM

Subject: Eddie Kahn Update #2

March 28, 2007

So… at this time we are switching our fund raising focus to collect monies so we can

have the US Observer ( investigate Eddie’s case. This is an online

and physical newspaper run by a gentleman named Ed Snook. By visiting Ed’s website

you will begin to see how they are successful in helping people who have been wrongly


Ed Snook and the US Observer believe in the USA, our Constitution, and the public right

to adequate representation. This organization is designed to keep the innocent free, the public informed and our form of government controlled by the people.

The US Observer believes that there is only one way to remedy false prosecution:

Investigate the accusers, the prosecutors, the detectives and then watch the judge very carefully. (In Eddie’s case they may even need to investigate the judge and magistrate!)

In other words, this would be a complete and in-depth investigation which they would take into the public arena. Ed Snook is serious about not wasting people’s time or money. He does not look at this as a game but rather a life and the liberty that is being taken away. What he and his staff require is innocence with conclusive evidence.

The Observer costs $10,000 (plus airfare for depositions) for Ed’s staff to expose the wrongdoing...But he also offers a 100% money back guarantee should they fail to prove innocence with the conclusive evidence and achieve a goal of total vindication.

Since when does accurate reporting take $10K to write stories? Go figure? Who is he really working for? The power elite who have caused this complete economic meltdown? Needless to say he didn't get the job!

As far as Reverse Pension Plans go, they have been around in Europe for a very long time! Read my website and get the facts! You've read theirs and got misinformation! I never created any of these programs, I'm a member only. I provide information for those open minded individuals who might want to consider personal involvement. Just because they have yet to pay out doesn't mean they won't. If you live on this planet and have read the RPP websites and have seen the challenges that the Insurance industry has succumbed to because of the economic meltdown any intelligent reader would understand why there would be delays. If you would take your time to do your own due diligence and not take advice from people who have no clue and ignorant opinions you would be better advised. Or you can listen to these dumbass ignorant people who have no clue, no facts and biassed opinions!

It's time to grow up and see what is going on in this world and get your own personal act together before it is too late! Do your own due diligence and never take advice from anyone who has less information about anything that you can find for yourself by reading the RPP websites and following their updates.

If you will listen to only one side of the story you will be ignorant and in some cases just plain stupid! But that is your choice isn't it! No one is forcing you to join, you are of legal age, you can make your own decisions or can you? I've always said if you can't afford to lose $50.00 membership fee then get off the call! DUH! Why is there such a fuss? Did you ever figure that these hacks don't want you to be a part of a program that just might give you financial freedom? Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? Why is it that these hack writers don't condemn lotteries? I guess they don't want to slander the governments that create them!

Here's the rest of the story, listen and learn!

Stupidity and Ignorance abounds! Look at this poor soul's attack!

To all who will read this:
Please go to www.financialhope.infoand read and listen to the link on the right hand side of the website called "Ignorant or Stupid", in this case both will fit appropriately! I will reply below to the slander, stupidity and ignorance below, compare facts and then decide! It will be your loss if you do not do so, It will be our gain if you don't join because you will listen this very ignorant and stupid person, because you are just like him!
Please see my comments in bold and then you decide!
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ben Hulskamp" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 1:20 PM
> Subject: Fwd: 1% hypotheek club - waarschuw je vrienden voor mr Gary D
> Holmes! hij wordt gezocht...
> --- On Thu, 2/4/10, Gerda Zeiss <> wrote:
> From: Gerda Zeiss <>
> Subject: Fwd: 1% hypotheek club - waarschuw je vrienden voor mr Gary D
> Holmes!  hij wordt gezocht...
> To: "Arnold Brouwers" <>, "Ben Hulskamp"
> <>, "Mazarine Hulskamp" <>
> Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 1:32 PM
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Renze Deelstra <>
> Date: 2010/2/4
> Subject: 1% hypotheek club - waarschuw je vrienden voor mr Gary D Holmes!
> hij wordt gezocht...
> To: Gerda Zeiss <>,
> For your info.... er zijn bijeenkomsten in rotterdam !
> de leiding is ene irene schoots (zwitserland) en ingrid lindhout (nederland)
> er zijn al mensen dakloos geworden
> Here we are, almost a year later and Gary Holmes is still running his
> atrocious scam on the elderly or hopelessly dumb.

> My website will address these stupid and ignorant people adequately
> I found a scam link at least. Owner websie, Gary D
> Holmes, was heavily involved with Global Pension Plan scam. He used the
> same phone number for GPP. Show me the proof that GPP is a scam please! Just because some stupid and ignorant and person says Reverse Pension Plans are a scam, you would believe them? You would be just and stupid and ignorant too! But if you will review all the info on the website under GPP you will see that Reverse Pension plans have been a part of Europe for a very long time. Just because the program has not paid out yet doesn't mean it is a scam. What it means is that they have a memberhsip quota to complete, they have world economic failure to deal with and they have stupid and ignornant people who put out this crap to deal with who hack the website so you can't join! Why are they so adament that this is a scam? Maybe they just want to steal your dream!? Have ever bought lottery tickets? Did you loose? Is that a scam? Think!!!!! Do your own due diligence and never take advice from anyone who has less information than what I do or they will steal your dream! Be a big boy or girl and prove me wrong with facts, not hearsay, slander and yellow journalism! 

> This scammer owns which is just another Global Pension Plan
> rippoff. I own this website for sure! This is a rip off why? Because it provides factual information on Reverse Pension Plans, factual information on world ecomomic issues. Free of charge! Never asks you for a penny of your money! I never receive any money from you EVER! That is a scam? Are you that stupid and ignorant to fall for this crap? WOW! dumb comes to mind!
> Registrant Name:Gary D Holmes
> Registrant Organization:
> Registrant Street1:106 NW F St
> Registrant Street2:Suite 43
> Registrant Street3:
> Registrant City:Grants Pass
> Registrant State/Province:Oregon
> Registrant Postal Code:97526
> Registrant Country:US
> Registrant Phone:+1.5418551999
> Registrant Phone Ext.:
> Registrant FAX:
> Registrant FAX Ext.:
> Registrant Email:
>    Gentlemen,
> get it through your friends head, STOP! I met Gary, he proported he is
> a canadian citizen. Do you want me to send you a copy of my Canadian Passport? Just ask me if you want the facts! I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic last
> month. I met him and a very nice canadian mineral engineer. Gary is a
> SMOOTH talker. So telling the truth is now being a "SMOOTH talker"? He told the two of us, canadian and myself, about this
> great commerce based investors If the ingnorant and stupid person  was really listening I never said the word invest once! ce plan that we could finance any
> project or real estate for 2% of it's value. I never said finance I said fund! There is a very big difference in the two words go look them up!  Or invest with all these
> International Offshore investors by investing $10,000, and by next year
> you will be a multimillion/billionare. And if you studied commerce you would see that this is possible! We have the US Government involved with us, we have 100 billion in US treasury notes backing what we do! Get your lawyer to contact our laywer for verification and we'll prove it to you!! I started researching him in
> google and have found multiple scams he has run in Oregon, which he
> told me he was from and had to leave the US because Obama and the Feds
> want to kill him because he is giving away this information on the
> commerce opportunity. What a pile of crap! If they wanted me bad enough they could have taken me at the border last August, listen to the rest of the story on!
> Here is reeality!!!!
> He is 60+ years old, TRUE!  renting an apartment in remote DR for $400/month, TRUE!
> has internet access, TRUE!  gave me a business card for Financial Hope Don't know who this is so maybe?  and
> rides a rented scooter. False! I paid for it with my earned funding from the ICC! Slo this makes me a scammer? I think it makes me a good steward for the wealth I'm aobut to receive!
> End of what I know. I am going back next month and if I see him, I'm
> going to punch him out! Listen to mister tough guy! What a little child this man is! He has destroyed MANY lives from what I have
> seen with my "limited"  is right! research. Try none! Reading hearsay and yellow journalism does not exactly count as research in my book does it count in yours?  Luckily I found this and was able to
> inform my new canadian mineral engineer friend and therefore he stopped
> his plan to invest the $10,000. He will be really angry for this false information when the programs pay and this stupid and ignorant man has to eat his words! He really was going to do it, Gary is
> very smooth as I said earlier in person. The truth always works why not try it sometime and maybe you will be smooth too!