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Here is a link to some pictures that will truly make you understand the importance of what Annie is saying! We have to stop the rape a pillage of all countries and the only way to do it is one family at a time with Financial Hope for all! Come and join with us to stop these appalling living conditions NOW!



Issue No. 1
June 2009
Dear Gary D,

Welcome to the re-launch of The Story of Stuff Project Newsletter!
Every month, we'll share stories from around the world of sustainability; ask you to get involved in campaigns that are making a difference; and inspire you with contributions from fellow Story of Stuff community members. Please let us know what you think!

Over the past 18 months, our film and the community that has grown up around it have been at the center of an emerging national conversation about living more sustainable, healthy and happy lives. This summer and fall, our Project is building a website and planning events to encourage you to get more involved; we're developing a curriculum for middle and high school students and a study and action campaign for houses of worship; we're producing a series of new, short films; and I'm completing the Story of Stuff book.

None of these initiatives will work without you. So please, contribute your ideas, help spread the word, keep an eye out for us and stay involved!


Annie Leonard
New Stuff

The Sharing Solution

The other day, I was making a list of all the strategies I could think of to reduce the amount of stuff that we all use day in and day out. Among the more wordy options - extended producer responsibility, internalizing externalities - was a simple concept: sharing.

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Visiting The Dump

If you haven't been to a landfill, I highly recommend it. Seeing the often-hidden back end of our materials economy can be a transformative, or at least a very thought provoking, if smelly, experience.

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Our Community

Conversion Experience: Reviewers Needed

Diverse faith leaders and groups across the country have described a deep connection between their religious values and the message of The Story of Stuff, as well as a desire to do something about it.  In response, we're creating  Conversion Experience , a four-week study and action guide for communities of faith created in partnership with  GreenFaith . We will be developing this exciting new resource over the summer for a September launch and would love your input and feedback. If you are a member of a religious community and would like to review a draft of Conversion Experience or help with field testing, please email Allison at .

Story of Stuff Volunteer Network!

Since the movie launched, we have been getting tons of emails from the Story of Stuff community, asking us for ways they can help and volunteer their time. In response to this, we launched our SoS Volunteer network. If you're interested,  join our listserv here, and you will consistantly be kept in the loop about various volunteering opportunities that can be carried out no matter where you happen to be!
From the Vault

Bay Vs. Bag

The San Francisco Bay Area is the latest front in nationwide efforts to ban plastic bags. But the bag's got some powerful allies in the plastic industry who have been suing Bay Area residents to stop these bans. Check out this 2 minute video, created by our friends at Save the Bay & Free Range Studios. Launches Video for new Campaign

Check out the world premier of the new video from It sums up the basics of the 350 movement: the science, the creativity, and most importantly, the International Day of Climate Action on October 24, 2009.

Enjoy! And pass it on to your friends on Twitter.
SoS In the News

NY Times: "A Sleeper Hit in Classrooms"

annie hard hat  
In case you missed it, the New York Times ran an incredible, front page story in May about The Story of Stuff.
Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal for the Story of Stuff curriculum. We're happy to announce that development and field testing of the two-week unit will begin this fall for an anticipated launch in the spring of 2010. Our goal is to reach 50,000 students with the curriculum in year one. Contribute to the project here or email Allison for more information.

Bill Moyers: "One of the Hottest Videos Among the Younger Set"

On his May 14th show, Bill Moyers used The Story of Stuff as the lead-in for his interview with author Daniel Goleman. Click here to watch the interview as they discuss the hidden legacy of our 'stuff'.
In This Issue 
New Stuff 
Our Community 
From the Vault 
SoS in the News 
Campaign Corner 
Campaign Corner


Congress is considering a bill that would provide tax credits to incinerators, landfills and coal gasification plants.

These dirty energy sources are relics of an unsustainable past that have no place in our green future.

Tell Congress to end subsidies to technologies that trash the climate. Urge them to support conservation, efficiency, wind, solar and zero waste instead.
Find Us On:

We're creating an educational curricula, faith-based study program, a book, new movies and more. Learn more and get involved at .
Idea for the Book?

Annie is currently working on a book version of The Story of Stuff, due March 9, 2010 by Free Press. Think she missed something in the film? Send your suggestions to


May 11th

Since we released The Story of Stuff nearly 18 months ago, hundreds of teachers around the country have used it to supplement textbooks that barely mention climate change, to spark discussion about our environmental future and inspire students to play a more active role in their communities.

This morning, The New York Times ran an incredible FRONT PAGE story about the ways our film is supplementing and expanding sustainability education!! Read the story.

The attention this article is generating represents a MAJOR opportunity to dramatically expand the impact of The Story of Stuff -- an opportunity we can only take advantage of with your help!

First, please help us raise the last $20,000 needed to develop a two-week middle and high school level educational module with the film at its core. Our partner Facing the Future, a nationally-recognized curriculum developer, has received commitments for 75% of the funding we need.

Your gift -- whether $1,000 or $100 or $10 -- will help put us over the top and give teachers a strong alternative resource to help them educate and inspire young people. You can contribute securely on our site right now.

Second, if you're a teacher who has shown the film in your classroom -- or a teacher who wants to -- we want to hear from you! Tell us how you're using it or plan to, what its inspired your students to do, and what resources or materials would help you in the classroom. Contact our Special Projects Coordinator, Allison Cook, at with your ideas.

Thank you for your tremendous support over the past year and stay tuned!

For the entire Story of Stuff Project team,

Annie Leonard

PS In addition to our work in schools, The Story of Stuff has a number of other projects in the hopper...a book, new films, community study and action guides and much, much more. We can't do it without your support!

May 13th Update

Since alerting you a little over 24 hours ago to the New York Times article about The Story of Stuff, I've been blown away by the generosity and creativity of our community.

While there has been critical feedback from the likes of the Heritage Foundation and FoxNews - do I really look like Marx with a ponytail?! - it's been dwarfed by the phenomenal positive responses.

In the last day, the Story of Stuff has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Over 4,000 blogs have written about us or linked to the film. We've even been tweeted about over 800 times.

We have heard from teachers, students, parents, organizers and others appreciating the film for sharing information and sparking much needed discussion on the state of the planet today.
While we'll never convince everyone to help save the planet and work for justice, as long as most of us care about these things, we can make the needed change even without that small percentage of people who would rather keep their heads in the sand.

As one blogger put it, "what makes this video exceptional is its ability to drive home the central point: we are all in this together and we have the power to change it."

If you agree, help us continue to build this community and the momentum of the last 24 hours by forwarding this email to five of your friends.

Then, if you haven't already, set up a screening in your home, school, community center or place of worship . There are downloadable resources on our website like a house party kit and discussion guide.

Finally, please help us raise the remaining funds we need to put the Story of Stuff in even more schools by
making a contribution to the Story of Stuff Project right now.

For all of us at the Story of Stuff Project,

Annie Leonard

P.S. Join us on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and WiserEarth.