A NEW ECONOMIC MODEL

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Subject: Important Announcement!


To: All Product and Service Providers, General Contractors, and Sub Trade Managers 


An Important Announcement regarding a “Private Stimulus Package” 


The “adjustments” that Wall Street is going through have seriously affected everyone’s future. 


Builders and Suppliers across the world are stymied. 


They cannot sell the “dream homes and projects” they have already built, much less embark on building new ones.  


Things are not good! 


At least, that is the way that most people would see the current situation! 


But, if you are willing to engage in a positive solution wherein you can help yourself by helping others, you are invited to continue reading! 




So if you are a Supplier of products or services, a General Contractor/Builder who has no funds, or a sub trade who can’t get work then we have “THE” solution for you and everyone you are associated with! 


Here’s the multimillion dollar question! 


Do you know the difference between Finance and Commerce? 


Howard Hughes, America ’s first Billionaire sure did! Don’t you think you should too? 


Learn how Commerce through Capitalism made this country GREAT and could do so again with your help! 


We invite you to participate in a “Private Merchant Banking Model” that embodies time tested business concepts. 


During the last fifty years or so, most businesses came to rely on a finance model to support capital needs. 


But, for many businesses, in this time of crisis, the finance model no longer works. 


We invite you to join with us in a BUSINESS GROUP that focuses on solving capital problems through means merchants successfully used before anyone had heard about finance. 


To allow business and commerce to get moving again, the BUSINESS GROUP has collectively used their Model to create a Private Stimulus Package valued in the Billions, supported by Trillions of USD in value of gold and other strategic metal reserves. 


If you would like to take advantage of this source of capital, we offer our services to help you engage in business with the BUSINESS GROUP. 


If you and your organization are tired of “no business as usual” and want to see how the “old ways” packaged with 21st Century knowhow can help, please respond to this email at your earliest convenience so you can see how you can qualify for your share of a growing Private Stimulus Package! 


Great success in all that you do! 


In His service, 

Gary D Holmes