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 May 4, 2009 Testimonial #1

Hi everyone my name is Chris S., Gary asked if he could post my story on the website and I said sure.  

So here it is.

I had been working for the past 5 years delivering trucks from a manufacturing plant to dealerships all over the United States and Canada.  A job I loved very much.  I would deliver the trucks to the dealers and fly back home.  With the downward turn in the economy and with all jobs going overseas, that left me without a job.  And as Gary has said so many times I chose the JOB just over broke.

I was looking at the program and saw the potential. I contacted Gary and told him that I was out of a job, had no money, and that my wife is on disability. When I told him my story, he immediately offered some suggestions and a helpful way to fix my current circumstances.  In a short period of time we came up with the idea of me doing volunteer or community service work in order to pay off a portion of my initial fee. I paid $250.00 in cash to start my first silver MBTM and within a few short hours of doing this I was able to pay off my remaining $750.00 balance.

Some of the volunteer work I did was riding with a friend of mine who is a deputy sheriff. While doing this we talked about the crime rate in our community and how we could lower it with involvements such as community watch programs.  During this I got a firsthand look at crime. The whole time we were riding and talking I was looking and thinking of how to improve my community with this program. Another was I spent my time volunteering was doing odd jobs for a neighbor. I watched their two boys so they could have a night out, help around with some yard work they need and a few other odds and ends.  I also volunteered at the YMCA helping them out with work they needed done.

It feels so good to give back to the community and to others I don’t see myself ever stopping. Yes I lived my life for me and my family. Never really helping anyone or other people it was all about me. I have always heard that it is better to give than to receive. I always said to myself whatever. But I know now the feeling that I have been missing for years. It is a feeling that I didn’t know excited.

And I pray that through this program I can help so many other people. And the feeling never goes away!


May 5, 2009 Testimonial #2


My good wife and I, we live in British Columbia, Canada, and I am retired, former carpenter and building contractor.  We found Financial Hope at Gary’s website some eight months ago. My wife and I liked very much what he had to offer especially the truth about the real happenings of what is going on in the economy and the world today.


About six weeks ago we noticed FINANCIAL HOPE on Gary’s site, immediately I recognized the potential of this awesome undertaking.  We joined immediately however, it took us about four webinars before we could wrap our mind around it.  And even now, we very seldom miss a call; every webinar enlightens us to all the many possibilities that are before us.  We are grateful for this FINANCIAL HOPE that we are exploring and experiencing right now.  We joined 1 Gold membership, 4 Silver memberships and 4 Café En Oro Poem Copyright.


Last Monday we went out to look for a new home, after seeing seven houses, we found one we liked very much.  We made an offer and it was accepted. However, behind the scene there was much activity going on with Gary giving instructions to the Real Estate Agent. Since the rules and regulations are different in each country, and also different in each state and province, it took a lot of effort to put all this together.


Thank you so very much Gary for all your coaching and direct contact with the Real Estate Agent, who was a little skeptical at first but now he can even see the potential of more sales of the folks following us.


We are very exited and motivated to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, folks, we have a great future ahead of ourselves, don’t be timid, go for it.


May God bless you abundantly!


Roland & Lucy