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Mine Claim Holder Questions - Financing / Partnership   Date:    /    /  

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1 – Ownership


-          Do you OWN or HAVE CONTROL of the mine?


-          How long have you had possession/control of the claim?


-          When was the claim renewed and when does it expire (if ever)?


-          Has the property been offered elsewhere?


-          If so, will you formally cease & desist if we have a better option? 


-          Is the Claim on Government or   Private Land


-          Who are the ultimate decision makers?


2 – Land aspects and geologicals


-          Are there any existing mines or claims around your mine? If yes, of what quality?


-          Do we presently have any assay and geological reports available?


-          IF YES:           > Done by whom?  

                                               > When were they done and how current are they?


-          According to those reports:  > What is the present value of the mine?

       > What are the quantities expected?

                                           > What is the anticipated value of the ore?

-          Is the mine already in production?


-          IF YES:     > To what percentage of its reserve

                          > What is the current level of production? 


-          IF NO:     > What would it take to begin extraction in terms of time, financial investments, etc?


3 – Financial Expectations


-          What would be your expectations of our involvement in the project? (Joint-Venture?  Limited partnership? Strictly financing?


-     What would you seek to accomplish?


-    What revenue sharing level would you be willing to consider?


-     Do you have some kind of business plan/financial plan and/or financing time frame requirements?


Download:  mine-claim-holder-questions-12-11-08-revised-2.doc


Help us find Banks to work with here and abroad!

We need your help in finding suitable banking relationships! If you or someone you know has contact with a Bank Owner, President etc. and there is a good relationship with this contact, we would like you to assist us in building a working relationship with that Bank. It does not have to be a major bank and it can be anywhere in the world. Below you will see a document that can be used by the Bank Managment to assist them in understanding what we need in our relationship with them. If you have any contacts please email or skype me immediately. Thanks!

Bank Selection Criteria  


To be selected a Bank should agree:


1) To issue Conditional Guarantees or Conditional Irrevocable Payment Obligations, acceptable to other Banks that, for their clients, would issue Bank Commitment Letters (“BCL”) offering loans conditioned upon receipt of an acceptable Guarantee. Please note and underscore that the Banks issuing the BCL would be expected to underwrite and to approve loans without considering the Guarantee, and to accept the Guarantee only as payment for a loan that has otherwise and previously been approved.


2) To lodge funds received from the other Banks in the Treasury Account.


3) To require two signatures on the Treasury Account – one as we may designate and one of an Officer of the Bank’s Investment Department.


4) To allow us, in conjunction with the Officer of the Bank’s Investment Department, to use the funds in the Treasury Account, and value in the Investment Account, to engage in non-depletion brokerage transactions, with instruments purchased being lodged in the Investment Account and proceeds from instruments sold being deposited into the Treasury Account. Non-depletion transactions are transactions that involve risk similar to that of engaging in buying/selling of major government bonds, major bank instruments, and/or major corporation bonds – with a Bank/Brokerage Firm approval.


5) To allow us to evidence funds deposited in the Treasury Account and value of instruments lodged in the Investment Account to engage in transactions outside the Bank, as long as said transactions do not compromise the safety of funds and values.


6) To allow us to deposit profits obtained through transactions outside the Bank into the Treasury Account and to transfer (through the brokerage system) acceptable instruments that we may obtain, through such transactions, to the Investment Account.


7) To allow us, after deduction of fees and interest charges, to disburse profits (as discussed above in point 6) as per private agreements that we may engage in.


8) To issue, at our request, with us (or someone that we designate) as the beneficiary, Bank Commitment Letters offering loans, conditioned upon receipt of an acceptable Guarantee, up to the amount of value in the Treasury Account and in the Investment Account.


We will draft and send a letter to the Banker that will include this form. You will be mentioned as the person who referred us to them.