A NEW ECONOMIC MODEL

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Friends: As of August, 2010, it's the law of the land.
Shortly you will be meeting with a government committee who will help you decide how long you deserve to remain alive.  The committee will lay out your life plan, guiding you to a predermined date for your voluntary death.  If you're over 65, you may only have a few months to prepare for your euthanasia.
As 2011 rolls into place, all your bank accounts will be accessible to government auditors who will determine how much you can be charged for your health care. Your payments will be withdrawn automatically from your bank accounts wherever your accounts exist in any bank throughout the world. Your healthcare payments will be submitted to the US Treasury.
There's more.  This short video (below) caught me off guard. I've watched it once every day for three days, attempting to adjust to the facts in the video.

The video is not a political statement. It is not suggesting any action should be taken.
It has nothing to do whether you were considering a property or cabin in another country.
It has nothing to do with dual passports, dual citizenship, or PT Perpetual Traveling options.
It has nothing to do with how parents will create savings for their children to go to college.
It has little to do with how the middle class will achieve or retain wealth.
Nothing is stated about whether you should have funds in credit unions, foreign banks, or in bonds, or investments.
The video simply states facts of current law as it exists for all of us in late October, 2010.
It contains no marketing, no promotions, no suggestions, no names of Congressmen or women, no blame, no praise.
Please take a look. I have been deeply impacted by the simplicity of this presentation.

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